margH wants to do with the arts what the spring does with the cherry trees.
The recurrent meaning of ‘parley’ is a discussion or conference between enemies under a truce, a state of ‘active hostilities’ – it is a moment of engagement, of the play and combat of ideas, of a jousting between those who have differences and matters to bring to a table for argument, for thrashing out, for partially agreeing and disagreeing. It is not, therefore, a state of placidity, of knowing where one is and how one is, of accepting the goodness and badness of things as they are; it is not a quiet status quo. Under the parleyArts project of margH, what we envision is just such a space of dynamic action, interrogation, intervention and interaction to do with the arts – painting, photography, dance, theatre, film, writing, music or innovative combinations and encounters between two or more creative practices.
parleyArts wants to bring to you (separately and together) artistes of different fields who raise and interrogate questions in the cusp of aesthetics, ethics, politics
parleyArts wants to facilitate exchanges which may lead to fresh thinking because of new infusions of ideas and experiences; exchanges that will evolve in various formats, through conversations, interviews, round tables, dialogues, dramatic monologues
parleyArts will probably not organize artistic ‘events’ merely to showcase even those artistes who are inarguably worthy of being showcased, but will try and find ways of moving beyond appreciation into provocative thinking about the arts
parleyArts wants to truck with those who are new, fresh, experimental, and argumentative in their artistic pursuits and engagements
parleyArts will look out for the interrogative and the adventurous amongst creative people in and from the Indian subcontinent, and look to them to bring home fresh conflicts and resolutions for old questions and new
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