Welcome to our window to the world. HUG as an independent initiative within MargH where ideas evolve and collide. Friends at various crossroads write here. Those who live and die by touching, feeling and fighting literature, art, performance and language express themselves. Those who are still amazed by the vagaries of the human condition reflect and foster ideas. Do you spend hours studying classical choral dance? Do you wonder what relates tantalizing tales and daastans to our everyday living? What about the days of blood and grime that mire the nights of labour? This underground milieu sets out to provide a platform for you then. It is sold to take on the dual blitz of mediocrity and mechanization in our everyday living.
Amlan Dasgupta 
Varuni Bhatia
Sambudha Sen
T.P. Sabitha
HUG is also a forum where analytical minds and creative souls come to know and interact with one another. This is important in the face of astute utilitarian and facetious onslaughts on humanities studies. HUG does not believe in any notion of crisis. Rather it trusts in punching back with sharpness and elan. And to produce and consolidate effective knocks, one needs a meeting place. Besides, the next best thing to understanding the moves of your adversary is to identify and consult friends. HUG hopes to provide such a place that helps facilitate arguments and debates, polemics and heterodoxy.
Beware! This is not a throwback space. We must be as aware of the chequered history of humanities studies as having a strong sense of rapid transformations taking place in the contemporary world—locally and regionally , as well as in the international domain. HUG firmly believes that our idealizations and positive energies need to be strategically deployed if we are to configure the disruptive potentialities when the moments of the ethical-political collide with aesthetics. The etymological meaning of craft is explored further here. Prudence, when coupled with serious romantic impulse, is a potent force.
Akhil Katyal
Badal Sircar
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